Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Bart and I just got back from our 10 year anniversary trip to Cancun. We invited Blake and Kerri to help us celebrate and have some fun. I have been kind of depressed since I've been home because the vacation is over and I had looked forward to it for so long. At least we've had some sunshine and tulips have broken through the ground. It was hard to leave the kids, especially baby Gavin. When we got home he wouldn't come to me- instead he wanted grandma Kathy or dad. When dad walked out of the room he cried and would go chasing after him- I guess I'm being punished for abandoning him!!!
We had a ton of fun relaxing on the beautiful white beach- we had an amazing room right on the ocean with 2 walls full of windows to see the view. We played games in the room every single night with Blake and Kerri- even the night Bart was sick with a stomach bug he slept right thru the laughing and talking. My favorites of the trip was going to Chichzenitza for a day and also Island of the Women (but not the ferry ride back with a crew of 20 swimsuit models with their photographers!!!) Bart's dream come true is my nightmare! We rented a golf cart and cruised around all day. We went to a beach there and they brought us a table for lunch and we sat maybe 3 feet from the water- we got to see ALL of a 50 year old woman as she obliviously changed her bikini on the beach. The ocean and beach were so beautiful and after the first morning of Bart finding shells on the beach at 7 am Blake gave him the nickname- BC (beach comber). I love the ocean- listening to it at night, walking on the beach, all of it!!!