Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Zoo Feild Trip

Tyson had a zoo feild trip with his preschool last Friday and let mom, Gavin, Uncle Colt, and Baby Cash tag along. Normally I dread trips to the Boise Zoo- we rarely see any animals at all but that morning was a little chilly and it brought out all the animals. We even got to see the Komodo Dragon eat 2 huge white rats!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter!

For Easter this year we have had a nest on our front door in our wreath. We thought the birds had abandoned it because we hadn't noticed any flying out of it anymore- so we didn't think we needed to get rid of it. Well starting last Monday it had a new egg every morning and now we have 5 little speckled eggs. While it has been kind of annoying to try and leave the bird alone while she's sitting on her eggs ( on our front door) it has been fun for the kids. A few people have had the bird fly straight at them scaring them to death when they knock on our front door!

This year for Easter it was really cold!! We colored eggs Saturday night with the kids- they always want to dye a ton but neither one will eat a hard boiled egg (good thing eggs are cheap at Easter, right) We started off our Easter Sunday with a yummy breakfast at Tessa and AJ's beautiful home- Tessa is an amazing entertainer! Then we had a fun egg hunt with the Anderson boys at Mindy and Jason's house and watched a little conference while all the boys and Bart were texting each other back and forth...

When we got home I baked a ham and we ate a yummy Easter feast complete with banana cream pie for desert. The kids had more egg hunts in the back yard and had fun eating tons of candy the Easter bunny left them! I couldn't help but think of last year when I was pregnant and ready to pop! I can't believe Gavin is almost a year old- how does that happen?