Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Week in Preston!

Gavin and his special buddy- Tarren

lots and lots of movies!

best friends- Elora and Halle

So, whenever we can my sister and I try to get our kids together either at her house or mine. Yes- it's crazy and exhausting with 6 cousins getting together (especially at bedtime) but definately worth it. The kids love being together and we always have a blast! Des and I joke how different our day to day routines are- city versus country- when we get together in Boise we shop, go to lunch, hang out at the pool, kids ride bikes... I have no back yard (or neighbors)- they have acres! In Preston kids play outside- getting filthy and loving it, this trip we took a crazy school bus ride on Trents bus that he and his redneck buddies bought to convert into their snow mobile transport! We did go out to dinner one night without kids- but Trent had to build a fence first for a horse! We scrapbook, eat great salsa, hang out, feed chickens for the neighbors, take care of horses, visit llamas, see half horse half donkeys, there was talk of a mink farm that we didn't make it to... My nephew Tarren took such good care of Gavin for me- he was his little buddy the whole trip. We had such fun and me and the kids loved spending time with the Bundersons- they are an amazing family!


  1. I love cousin time! It is the same with my sister and I (the craziness), but it is always worth it. These are times your kids will remember forever.

  2. love des. love those kids. looks like you had so much fun!