Monday, July 12, 2010

Kitty Love

Back in June we took Halle to the Humane Society to choose her long awaited kitten. We had promised her back when she was 3 that she could have one when she turned 8. The more we thought about it though that brought up some problems: 1 Halle turns 8 in November- where are we going to find a kitten? 2 This was going to be an outside cat and how are we going to convince our kitty crazed daughter to leave it outside in the winter? 3 Anytime we asked her what was happening when she turned 8 her response was "I get a kitty" not the answer we hoped for- "I'm getting baptised" So, off we went to the shelter.... Once we got there though we thought we should probably get 2 just in case something happened (Halle mauling it to death) and also so it wouldn't get lonely. So Halle chose an orange kitten- named him Milo and Tyson chose a black and white kitten and named him Oreo. The kids have been great with the kitties and are good about taking care of them, changing the litter box, and even leaving them outside. 2 weeks ago I accidently killed Oreo- I came home late at night from grocery shopping and shut the garage door- Oreo must have tried to run under at the last second... Halle found him the next morning. It was very sad for them (especially sensitive Halle) So, we buried Oreo and got on Craigs List in search of a free kitty this time- (just in case)- So Tyson picked out an adorable black fluffy kitty that he named "Witchy/Spooky". And so far... so good...


  1. i can't believe that halle is almost 8!!!! whaaat? 8 years since she was born and i visited every day after school?

    those kitties are so cute. sorry about oreo. cute pics though!

  2. Cat Killer!! Greg would actually applaud you on that one!