Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rainy Zoo Trip!

Fun zoo trip with great friends- Amber, Tanner, Kaden, and sweet Abby! It was cool and rained on and off but lots of animals were active and moving around. We had alot of fun even though it started down pouring toward the end of our afternoon- by the time we got in the car we were all soaked! The kids were happy eating popcorn and cotton candy though!


  1. What a fun time at the zoo. I think that zoo is just perfect for a nice trip out of the house. You look great Alissa! You are such a great friend, thanks again for the awesome time in on my quick Boise stop!

  2. I think we were there that same day...just earlier. We didn't get poured on, just sprinkled on...

    Bummer that the giraffe slide was out of commission. That's kind of the highlight of the trip for my kids!