Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pocatello Fun

Mummy Pizzas

Pumpkin soup

Halle with Grandma Adonna
All the grandkids

Sadie and Halle
Mckay and Tyson
Grandpa Ron, Mari, Leann, & Sadie making pizzas
tping grandma's backyard
Aunt Cammy as a scary witch

October 7- 10th we headed down to Pocatello to spend some time with the Schow's. Blake and Kerri were on Fall break and we always try to spend time with them since they drive up from Arizona. The kids had a Halloween party with games and costumes. We had alot of fun playing a new game- "Things" both nights. We laughed so hard - we need to take it to Hawaii in February- I can't wait to play it again! Grandma had fun Halloween food and games for the kids of course.My favorite fall treat is her buttermilk donuts with the Watkins family cider. We ate so much food we came home and had to detox!
We visited my favorite cemetery ( I know that sounds weird) but there is a beautiful cemetery in Pocy by my college apartment. I think it's called Mountain View- I used to go running in there alot and also used to sneak in at night and play alot of night games with roommates ( a few times we were chased out by cops). I have alot of fun memories there and have asked Bart to bury me there one day. He says "no" becuz he would have to go to Pocy to visit me- but I disagree- we're not really "there" are we? My dad wants to be buried in this certain spot on my grandpa's farm. Anyway- the kids wandered around and we looked for the oldest graves we could find- some dated back to the 1800s and some were so old all dates and names had beed worn off. I'm sad I didn't take any pictures while we were there.I get very nostalgic in that cemetery- its very peaceful and I love all the huge trees, especially in the fall.

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