Wednesday, August 25, 2010


the kids with Munsy the rodeo clown (Tyson was feeling too shy)

Grandpa riding in the Grand Entry of the rodeo

3 of my favorite boys!

checking out the livestock

Every August of my life I have gone to Burley for the fair and rodeo. My engagement to Bart was even announced at a rodeo where Bart proudly stood up in the stands and waved smiling at everyone! My dad was on the fair board for years until he was elected county commissioner- 15 years ago, so its still a big deal that we go to support him. We get to see all of my siblings and let the cousins play. We go to the rodeos, hit the carnival, eat "Lets go Dutch" ( Michael you know what I'm talking about), eat a funnel cake, corn on the cob, & see the livestock. Usually Saturday night after the rodeo we play night games outside at my parents- although not this year because Colt- leader of the night games didn't make it this year- and neither did Azy. Don't worry though guys- we ate plenty of fair food for ya!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rainy Zoo Trip!

Fun zoo trip with great friends- Amber, Tanner, Kaden, and sweet Abby! It was cool and rained on and off but lots of animals were active and moving around. We had alot of fun even though it started down pouring toward the end of our afternoon- by the time we got in the car we were all soaked! The kids were happy eating popcorn and cotton candy though!