Tuesday, October 25, 2011

4 Days to Go!

We are frantically trying to get ready for baby number 4!!!! We are so excited to meet Beckam Michael. My hope is that he is healthy and everything goes smooth- my secret hope is that I have a child that looks like me- brown eyes please!!! We check into the hospital Friday morning October 28th at 6am to start antibiotics for strep b and then an induction. I've been induced with all my babies and would completely freak out if for some reason I go into labor on my own before then. We have been organizing, cleaning, repairing, and building to get everything in order. We've had a friend here making our bonus room so awesome with built in shelves, a door to the attic, cubbies, and extra shelves in the master closet. It is looking amazing and almost done so that we can put everything away. I'm starting to get nervous for labor (I always think I might die)!?!? I'm kind of dramatic that way though. I'm nervous about trying to juggle life with 4 kids- Halle and Tyson are alot of help (most the time). Gavin is going to get his little world rocked though- good thing he's a daddy's boy! Can't wait but so nervous...

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