Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Night Skiing!!!!

Last Friday we talked Colt and Michelle into hanging out with Gavin for the night and the rest of us headed up to Bogus Basin. Amber and Tanner rode up with us and Roberts were already there taking charge of the mountain!! Halle and Tyson had never skiied before and I had not gone for 19 YEARS!!!! We had a ton of fun- Halle was a natural (of course). Tyson not so much- he was trying but was very frustrated! He wouldn't just try and stand up and ski- he was leaning on me or Bart at all times! So, I decided to give Bart a break from Tyson and I volunteered to take him down with me- BIG MISTAKE!!! Right off the lift he was sliding in the wrong direction over a steep part & I was with him trying to get in front of him to stop him. It was so steep and icy and our skiis were overlapped so I couldn't get a good grip. My inside knee was holding him and I and my knee got twisted so much I thought I would break it. I was able to keep skiing even though it was hurting. But the next morning it was swollen and I couldn't walk on it. I headed to the Dr just to make sure. He did some xrays and I didn't have any tears or anything major wrong. It had alot of fluid hitting cartlidge and they gave me a prescription and crutches and told me no weight on it for 4 days. Easier said than done! Grandma Adonna and Ron to the rescue! I am feeling better now and have ditched the crutches. We want to go skking again because we had alot of fun- we just need the kids in some lessons! Our last run down the mountain turned out to be a little too steep for the kids so they had a blast when ski patrol showed up and sled them down the mountain! Bart & I skied down together- the easiest part of the night!!!

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