Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Camping at Sagehen

Camping Highlights of Schow Campsite!

Bart saying everything was "Schow camp rules"- and everyone ignoring Schow camp rules!
hours and hours on the rope swing
yummy food
great company
homemade cookies (2 kinds!)
roasting starbursts?
protecting everyone from the wrath of Gavin's sticks
Hunter's bike getting demolished by white trash campers- hey "that's what you get"
a rain storm that most people could not sleep thru
a massive pancake flip
Calvin's treasure of a caterpillar nest
fishing and swimming off the dock
Halle catching her traditional camping toad- and Ella completely stressed that it would die!

Such a fun weekend!!! Thanks everybody- we had a blast!!!!

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  1. Good times! Thanks for documenting it for us.