Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day of School!

Tyson got a little lost the first day and was crying by the time we found him- then we couldn't get him to go into class- it broke my heart!

What Gavin did the first day of school - took over Tyson's DS ...while I cleaned!

Halle with all of her school supplies- (5 different stores later) what a nightmare with the brand specific supplies!!!


  1. So THAT was why he was crying. So sad! I hear ya about the dang school supplies. I am STILL in search of the Prang looks like I may have to pay $6 for paint. It's nice to have kids in school all day long!

  2. I couldn't find Prang either- her teacher told me she had extra so I officially gave up! I couldn't find some white eraser either...

  3. I cried more than Tyson. And, I only ever buy 75% of the crap on those lists. It's because I refuse make more than two trips to the store. If the store is out, then the teacher is out of luck. Follow my lead so I don't look so bad.